The Strategy

The performance of the companies of the holding makes it possible to develop high-quality, scalable solutions or to combine and deploy existing solutions in a targeted and results-oriented manner. Our customers embrace the opportunities that new and innovative methods and technologies offer, and they appreciate our expertise.

We aim to establish the companies of the holding as an indispensable part of our customers’ daily business activities and to keep growing internationally. Schober’s digital business models enable the scaling and effective utilization of our own core values. Schober shares best practices and solutions at the entire group level and thus takes advantage of the revenue synergies.

Corporate Objectives

Our goal is to achieve and strengthen our position as one of the three leading providers in each business division and in each market in which the companies of the holding operate. Schober Holding also promotes the development of innovative business models with and without partners and is opening up new markets and business areas in Marketing.

The financial goal for each company of the Group is a double-digit return on sales and a double-digit growth per year.

Future Growth

It will be crucial to offer a broader and deeper product portfolio in order to ensure further growth of the holding and its affiliated companies. This applies to both current customers and to the new markets and industries where we will have a presence in the future. By continuously developing or deploying innovative technologies that are more easily adapted to the changing behavior of companies and their customers, our companies will steadily win new customers. In addition, the position of companies in the markets and business areas being served will be further expanded by identifying talented individuals within and outside the Group and encouraging their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The permanent search for the best of the best constitutes one of our most important managerial responsibilities.

New Markets and Business Areas

Schober Holding International will increasingly promote the development of innovative business models and open up new markets and business areas.

As a result of its own start-ups, company takeovers and various external participations, Schober Holding has, in addition to its many years of know-how, developed a strong network that will also benefit business start-ups in the future.

Schober Holding is constantly on the look-out for pioneering business models with the potential to achieve significant growth rates in the respective market segment. Competitive advantages as well as unique selling propositions must be clearly visible in such cases. Great importance is given to a rapid return on investment of the business models.